Hebert Steel is owned and operated by three brothers, Sterling J. Hebert, Jr., Ronnie P. Hebert, Sr., and Gary L. Hebert, in Gonzales, Louisiana. With an emphasis first and foremost on the client, we pride ourselves on the exceptional services we provide.

Since our inception, we have expanded our plant numerous times because of client-driven growth. Hebert Steel strives to maintain that growth with the realization that high-quality service is the key to success. 

Their goal has always been to put the customer first and provide the best possible service that they can. It remains a family owned business to this day.


At Hebert Steel, our focus has always been on our clients. From the production of a 20-story building with 3500 tons of structural steel to a job consisting of a single steel piece, we complete large and small projects with an emphasis on excellence and customer service. The reason for our policy is simple: we believe that meeting the needs of all our clients is the best service a company can offer. This attitude shaped the success of our past and forms the foundation for our future.


Due to excellent quality and client service, Hebert Steel has continued to grow. From our humble beginnings  in 1978 with 5,000 square feet and 4 employees, our expansion is a result of hardwork and the constant pursuit of client satisfaction. Now with over 100,000 square feet of work area and 75 employees, we push to deliver the same quality products that got us to this point.


Our Avenger can handle profiles up to 40″ tall and the heaviest jumbo columns up to 730 lbs/ft, essentially the entire catalog of steel profiles found anywhere in the world. The standard twist drills are capable of providing over 30,000 holes per drill with resharpening, and the drill spindle can  drill holes up to 1-9/16” diameter and through any thickness up to 10″. With its fully automatic measuring, layout and drilling cycle, the machine provides exceptional accuracy of hole placement which eliminates costly field modifications. Also, the Ocean Avenger utilizes an exceptionally accurate and durable laser system to determine the Zero X-reference.

We utilize the ABL-100HS, the most versatile, fastest angle and flat bar punching and shearing machine available. It’s high-speed servo motor, continuous probing and clamping and valve positioning software makes it extremely accurate as well. The ABL-100HS is designed to cut the material without material loss (kerf), and the rigid shear frame provides for an accurate cuts.

Our BFC-530 machine can punch a hole up to 4 times faster than the industry average and at a fraction of the tooling cost. We also offer the ability to have shaped holes, such as slots. The machine’s 115-ton punches have the strength to handle most standard fabrication needs.

Controlled Automation’s MultiMAX represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology. This machine expands what the standard plasma machine is capable of. In addition to unmatched cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the new XPR300 increases cut speed tremendously.


At Hebert Steel Co., Inc., we have a commitment to our employees and customers to make our company a safe place to work  while consistently producing quality products. To better serve industry, we have the following programs in use: 

  • Drug testing for every employee 
  • Safety programs to insure safe working conditions
  • Quality programs to insure we perform as professional steel fabricators and erectors

Through the programs listed above, we continue to improve and reach higher safety and quality standards.